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Thea Alexander
The Soul Sage

Namaste and welcome!

I AM…Thea Alexander*, Ph.D., clinical psychologist and creator of LOVEstrong™.

Life experiences and the development of my spirituality significantly enhanced my understanding of the human condition and ‘life’ as we know it. I have been devoted to deepening my spiritual transformation while assisting others to awaken to their soul self. By promoting a nonjudgmental existence, enlightenment, and oneness I endeavor to encourage a planet of beings living from love. My life’s work is to assist others to heal at a soul level.

Believing we are all created from an infinite source of love and that our purpose on Earth is to live from love in an unconditional manner, I created LOVEstrong™ to align people more fully with the overarching purpose of life. Through my devotion to assisting others in living from their soul, I know, without a doubt, that anyone can learn to live FROM the LOVE they are, not IN the FEAR created by the human condition.

Shaped by circumstances that have made the journey one of enlightenment, I am an author and inspirational speaker skilled at meeting people where they are with candor, genuineness, and love. Intricately weaving a tapestry that bridges spirituality and the human condition, I have helped thousands of people create a deeper connection with their source and soul self.

*Note: Thea Alexander is a spiritual pseudonym whose energy vibration matches the healing quality of the spiritual gifts I am honored to use in service to others. I am one person, therefore, my spiritual work also utilizes my formal education and background; just as my career as a psychologist has benefitted immensely from my connection with the Divine.

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